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About Belize Wedding Photographer-Olivera Rusu

Thank you for your time and interest to visit my web site.

My name is Olivera (Mircov) Rusu.
I was born 35 years ago and my home-town is Timisoara, Romania. I change my life 7 years ago when I moved in San Pedro, a cozy town located on the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize.

A few years ago, when I started serious photography, I didn't know that my customers would like my style so much. Today I can say I'm proud of my work.

My style takes into account the needs of the client, the scene being shot, as well as the location. I like to be very intimate and close up to capture the play of emotions on the face. The most powerful point of the image is so often in the eyes!

My passion in photography make each photo unique. During my sessions, I give you the freedom to inject your own personality and I use the elements available. The ability to let things develop naturally creates one of a kind pictures that look natural.

Belize photography pricing

I never want couples to feel pressure in acquiring my services, but I do want them to be aware of a couple factors:
I shoot an limited number of events a month. Family time is very important to me and time is precious.
The first person with a proper retainer and signed contract, will get the date.

Photoshoots are as unique as the people or objects that are involved in them, so is pricing. Day rates vary depending on the complexity of the shoot, equipment involved, and location… please contact me if you would like a quote or for me to bid on your project.

Thank you for taking an interest in my work.
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

things to know about Belize Wedding Photography

For the BRIDE: Have your makeup done the same way as you want it for your wedding day (with same person who’ll do it for you at your wedding) and at least one (or more) days in advance. Give me your lipstick for the wedding. I'm the easiest person to find, since I'm following you around all the time and you won't have a purse or pockets.

I suggest a "preview" for your hair too... Make it the same as you want it for your wedding day. I've seen so many brides upset or crying after they got their makeup/hair done... They've spent years figuring out how to make your hair and makeup best suit their face, and then they drastically change the look for their wedding day without taking the time to figure out the new look. Keep your makeup very natural (foundation, powder, mascara and natural lipstick).

For the GROOM: I suggest you shave in way that doesn’t irritate your skin the day before wedding. Most of the grooms irritate their skin when they shave the same day and then their skin looks red... If the groom has a slow growing beard, shave the night before. If the groom has black skin he should consider using Magic Shave the day before. If the groom doesn't fit in those categories he should use a new blade and take his time early enough for his skin to settle down again.

To be sure that everything will be exactly how you want it, you might consider selecting a friend or family member who isn't in the bridal party to coordinate your photographs. This person should be someone who is familiar with both families.

VERY IMPORTANT - It has happened on several occasions (and I really want to avoid it), but the natural tendency of people is to always look at other cameras. Therefore, when we start taking the formal pictures of groups after the ceremony, I will ask that there be no other cameras around us. Why? Because at least a few in the group will be looking in the wrong direction and we want them to focus on me rather than spoil your photos. The people won't know where to look when several people take their pictures at the same time. So I will ask the rest of the people taking photos to stop until your formal pictures are completed.

DON'T STAY IN THE SUN IN YOUR WEDDING DAY or at list one day before! Even if you cover your face, you will be too red. Sunburn is very hard to remove during editing.

After your wedding I'll download all the photos in my computer and I'll sort the best photos I like (unless you've selected the option to choose the photos by yourself). After this, I'll edit them and post them online (with the choice to keep the photos hidden).

Under SHOPPING you will see the entire collection of photos from your event. If you chose to buy your photos from there, you'll get them in high-quality prints from a professional lab. This is an additional printing service, for an additional price. The price of each photo depends by the size and paper what you choose.

If you choose the online download, you'll get a link to where you can download your photos in high resolution. You can also share the links with your family and friends. At your request, I will send you the “must have” photo list, the Wedding Timeline (for packages 3 and 4) and also a general idea about "How I work".

The display photo from this page was made at Journey's End Resort, Ambergris Caye, Belize: JOURNEY'S END

Belize Wedding Vendors

People who I work and recommend: WEDDING COORDINATOR:
Iraida Gonzalez
Ambergris Caye RESORTS: Azul Belize Belizean Cove Estates Cocotal Inn and Cabanas Pelican Reef Villas Portofino Beach Resort Victoria House

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