Carpe Diem at Rojo Lounge, Belize

Angela Gegg is a public figure in Belize and I had the pleasure to meet her when ¬†I was invited to her TV Show (OMG). But when I saw her cousin, I was¬†speechless: he looked almost identical with Michael Hall, Dexter from the TV show Dexter.So… photoshoot was a must, right?

We went to Rojo Lounge, had few drinks and we just stopped at the end of the pier where I told them I want few photos. Quite natural, I can say, because they were very laid back and not really interested in a photoshoot. So, that was perfect for me. Sometimes, when someone really want a photoshoot, is quite stressed out and trying to hard… so, I really liked the “whatever” mood.

Angela have a new tattoo, CARPE DIEM, and I really liked it. Have a meaning for any of us and the fact that was written with a “normal” handwriting, not a font, was more than enough to want me to feature it properly.

Enjoy the photos!