Flavors of Belize. The Cookbook. Launch Party at Biltmore

Flavors of Belize is  is one of the most amazing projects I had the pleasure to work. An amazing experience as I was involved in this project by photographing behind the scenes, environmental photos from around Belize and finishing by photographing the launch party.

The final product is just amazing. The finesse of the book, the quality of editing, the way the recipes are explained… everything is perfect! Tanya McNab is well known for her attention to details and she did this project perfect! The entire team was amazing and so much fun!

Back in december I blogged about this (Click Here if you want to read) and now I’ll blog about this cookbook launch party. A massive hit! Fabulous event! Around 400 people attended. The food was cooked on scenes and was amazingly delicious. Of course, all the food cooked on scene is in the cookbook, so all the guests had a chance to try it there. Famous recipes from famous restaurants from all around Belize, are in this cookbook. Each restaurant cooked his own recipe, the way is in cookbook. Was out of this world! Just amazing amazing!

The venue was perfect for this! Biltmore Hotel from Belize City was absolutely magnificent decorated and everything made you feel part of a fairytale.

To buy online click here and add the link www.flavorsofbelize.com.

Enjoy the photos!


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