Super Moon Wedding at Grand Caribe

The night of may 5 2012, was one of the most mentioned all around the world, because of the astrological phenomen that happened: the night of the super moon. Everyone was waiting to see the 14% bigger moon and everyone was eager to photograph it. I was beyond happy because I had a wedding that afternoon… but sometimes, things are not the way we hope. I might be already used with Belize and some extraordinary things for some are ordinary for us, the ones we live here. Nobody was super impressed with the size of the moon… was a regular for us… or I can definitely say, we had bigger moons that the one from may 5 2012. But, was fun to watch and to chat about it and yes, we had gorgeous light in the evening… The moon was not bigger, but was definitely brighter.

Stephanie & Clint chose to get married at one of the nicest resorts from Ambergris Caye, Grand Caribe. I had only 1 wedding there, last year, august, but because I had an confidentiality agreement with my bride&groom, I was not able to display anything. And finally, I had it: may 5, 2012. My bride… took my breath away. Her hair and makeup were stunning (Thanks to Elida, one of my fav. from the island)… Family Photos were a BLAST! The ceremony, intimate, only few immediate family members (parents, sisters, brohers, of course, grandma’s and best friends). I love those weddings.

The natural setting at Grand Caribe is just spectacullar. I will let the photos speak for me.

Was already too late by the time the moon was brighter, but I chose to not photoshop the real image. I did not had a photoshoot around the moon, but last photo I’ll show in their album will be the one you’ll see here…

Hair & Makeup: Elida

Wedding Coordinator: I Do Belize Weddings


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