Cayo Espanto: a Bucket List experience!

Discover your own private island at CayoEspanto where paradise and luxury come together as one. Cayo Espanto is an intimate, five-star, World Class resort created for the discriminating few who demand the best life has to offer. We invite you to spend unforgettable moments while our staff anticipates your every need.

Located three miles from San Pedro in the calm waters of the Western Caribbean, off the coast of Belize, CayoEspanto is truly a spectacular and private retreat.

Only 7 villas on the island, minutes away from Ambergris Caye. To go there, you definitely need an appointment. You are picked up on a private boat, welcomed with amazing drinks (Espanto Wave is my favourite) and enjoy one of best meals you ever had in your life.

I am working with them from years now and I never been disappointed. Their clients are always in awe and, they manage to still surprise me every single time I go there.

So, here is what I suggest for your bucket list: an experience you’ll never forget and if you’ll have me capture your time there, I assure you will never regret it.

Because minimum stay is 5 nights, there is a SPECIAl FOR Lunch, or dinner or half day pampered in Paradise. This is what I want to present today. The food is to die for, the island itself is WOW, there is a reason most of Hollywood celebrities are staying here to unplug.

You can also get a gift certificate for any special occasion! Your loved ones will really appreciate this at least once in a lifetime experience.

Your Private Island dining will surpass your every expectation. Our medal winning creations will be tailored with your personal cravings in mind.

Photography is of course, possible and start at Special Prices ($250 USD for 30 minutes) !  Here are few images with what you will experience.



a private island, in Caribbean, Belize

a private island, in Caribbean, Belize


2013-11-30_Kim_081 2012-11-09-CayoEspanto_Solana-012 2014-08-30_VacEspanto_184 CayoEspanto-lunch-1 CayoEspanto-dinner CayoEspanto-HALFDAY GiftCertificate



There is a also a special for photography. My work start with $250  USD, your first 30 minutes on the island.

Best of Xanadu: Destination Wedding Belize!

Here you have an idea of different Weddings  at this superb cozy resort on Ambergris Caye, Xanadu Island Resort.
Why I love Xanadu Resort so much?

The reason I love This eco island  resort is because combine the Sea and the jungle. I totally LOVE earthy tones: the sand, the wood, the amazing tall trees, the rocks and the vivid palm trees creating an armony hard to find anywhere else. In fact, on Ambergris Caye, there is no other resort like Xanadu.

Why you should hire me as your photographer?

Well, I am unable to answer this question, but I’ll let my photos speak for me. If you love my style, we are a click and I promise you, I’ll do my very best to create for you best photos you ever had.

Here are some photos of my work and I hope will help you decide. Enjoy!

Superb Tropical flowers and bouquets

Green Orchids

Superb bouquet of Tropical Seasonal flowers


Tropical bouquet: red ginger, orchids, colour theme Orange/red. I love red bouqets because are very photogenic.


Bridesmades and bridal bouquet. A champagne moment, girs time before ceremony


Superb Ceremony setting, conch shells with palm leafs and flowers (any kind looks good). This ceremony was right on the beach, under the Palapa


Delicious Wedding Cake made by Aji restaurant



Delicate round white plumeria bouquet. Smelled heavenly! This is also seasonal (around june)



Flowers & all Caribbean Sea colours

Boys Fun before ceremony is definitely to be remembered forever!


Groom, best man and groomsmans!


Bike fun around resort, right before ceremony!


Spacious verandas are perfect for moments before ceremony!


drinks, cigars fun before wedding!

The Wedding Ceremony is usually in front of Palapa


Stunning Caribbean Sea background, right in front of palapa


Wedding Ceremony at Xanadu


arch with tropical flowers


Remember the fun you had in Belize! 


a family moment!


Super fun wedding group!


Caribbean happiness!

Bridal Photos around resort


Just Married in Belize! You are as happy you decide to be!


WED14_aug26_493-web WED13_June18_0897-web WED13_June18_0900 WED14_aug26_477-web WED14_aug26_472-q-web WED13_June18_0893 WED14_aug26_527-fa-web Wedding of Jordan & Travis WED14_aug26_464-web WED13_June18_0852-web WED13_feb28_150 WED13_feb28_206


Aji Restaurant, North Ambergris Caye


at Aji Restaurant, North Ambergris Caye


Aji Restaurant, North Ambergris Caye


Aji Restaurant, North Ambergris Caye


at Hidden Treasure


at Hidden treasure


First Dance at Hidden Treasure restaurant

If you’re interested to see photos from individual weddings, please SEARCH under my blog XANADU or please contact me.


Married with Love. At Pelican Reef Villas

Love is a big deal and when you find you enjoy it to the fullest! Valorie & Joseph planned their wedding simple! And most of us know, simple is always the best! They choose a specific Destination Wedding: Belize, precisely #1 island in the world, Ambergris Caye to one of very best resorts from the country: Pelican Reef Villas!


Ambergris Caye, Belize

An intimate wedding with sandy toes and salty kisses, with a lovely ceremony on the beach, champagne, laughter and happiness.. this is how they start the new chapter of their life. And I was there to capture it!

Every wedding has a story. This is how this wedding start.

Every wedding has a story. This is how this wedding start.

a moment before ceremony :)

a moment before ceremony :)

My beautiful bride

My beautiful bride


last touch...

last touch…

a moment before ceremony

a moment before ceremony


WED14-09-18-PRV_054-web WED14-09-18-PRV_059-bw-web WED14-09-18-PRV_119-b-web WED14-09-18-PRV_163-web WED14-09-18-PRV_162-b-web WED14-09-18-PRV_117-b WED14-09-18-PRV_108-b-web WED14-09-18-PRV_143-b WED14-09-18-PRV_095-b-web WED14-09-18-PRV_089 WED14-09-18-PRV_190-bw-web R96C2461-w To travel is to live! Thank you for choosing Belize as best place on earth to get married!

Flavors of Belize the heart of the September Carnival, Belize City

I don’t know how to really start to present this and I’m so eager  to share this experience, that I would be short on words, and just show away!

But before this, I really want to say few things:

The September Carnival from Belize City is the most expected public event of entire year. I never participate and I never saw it so, when Flavors of Belize (the book I photographed the making of…) told me that they will participate and what size shirt I need, I knew it was not a question if I’ll go or not: that was a must. An event I eagerly awaited and had no idea what to expect.

For those of you who are new followers, few words about what Flavors of Belize is. When you hear FLAVORS OF BELIZE, you think at 2 things: Flavors of Belize – The Cookbook and Flavors of Belize Magazine.

The Magazine, is actually the best guide of restaurants, bar, hotels from entire country. If you’re new in Belize (and even if you’re not) this magazine is a must as is updated yearly.

The Cookbook… best description: “An ancient history | Diverse Cultures | Exotic Food: Flavors of Belize”. You want to feel the taste of Belize, you NEED this cookbook. Is the Bible of all belizean cookbooks.. is not just a cookbook… is Everything. There is a saying, if you want to feel a country, you have to do it through the  food… and I can’t agree more. I am proudly part of Flavors of Belize team and I photographed the making of… Dang, that was an awesome experience! Click HERE to download the app ;)

Back to the CARNIVAL!

Flavors of Belize just came up with a new app and this was the decor theme of our truck! And that was WOW!!! When I arrived in Belize City and I saw the truck, my first words were “WHOA, this is AH-ma-zing!” Honestly, the most beautiful carnival float I ever saw. Knowing McNab, the owners or McNab Design… duh, I what should I expect?!

My story is a behind the scene from our group and through my photos I hope you to see what to be IN THE HEART OF THE CARNIVAL means.  I hope that I can convince you to participate next year. Is just WAY different, or at least, with McNab Design was way different than everything I was hoping for.

I arrive at the house, where the girls were getting ready… and the scene there was a total tornado… not hectic, but a lot of organized things were happening at once. Two professional makeup artists Kristen and Melissa Quan (they did ART!) and costumes all folded with names, a room full of makeup so whoever wanted to do their own makeup just pick whatever and DIY their faces. Suuuuper fun! Everybody was helping everybody to get jazzed up. I know I was just picking tons of glitter! 2014-09-13-Carnaval_017


2014-09-13-Carnaval_004-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_018-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_002-web Flavors-Belize-details 2014-09-13-Carnaval_025-web


The mood and excitement was on… everyone, everywhere… and then, I saw a scene that stopped the time. Tanya’s grandparents, together, were staying on a side, outside the tornado, and were observing everything… they saw an entire crew getting on the truck loaded with buckets of beads, candies, flyers, flags, bandanas, beer, ice… A LOT of things.  The truck was carefully crafted to include tents for shade, showcase the app, highlight their clients, we had security and support staff for all the equipment on board to make sure everything went perfect. Everyone was running, doing their things… and they just looked at everything with a soft smile on their faces… I don’t know, but that scene really hit me. When you feel your life is getting crazy, look at someone who is at least 2 generations older and if you pay attention, they are able to stop the time for you, and see what you’re doing from a much higher point of view. So, I took them from their comfortable place and put them above the “tornado”… give them the feathers and YAY!!! :))) And this is how I started.


I was not hired as photographer, I was not invited as a guest, I was part of the team, I was in the heart of the Carnival… I photographed what and when I wanted, and I had to sing, dance and drink as everyone else… What an AMAZING experience! The music was just amazing!


So, not to brag, and not to talk about about anyone else, but our float was the most fun! We were dancing and screaming and jumping and laughing, throwing beads and candies to the crowds, NON STOP.. and this was happening for HOURS!!!!!!! Over 15,000 giveaways combined was on this truck!  The crew was also what made this truck the best ever, everybody came with great spirit and great energy! We all danced the day away and had the time of our lives!!!!!!!!!!


2014-09-13-Carnaval_012-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_164-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_146-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_075-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_133-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_111-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_092-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_072-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_359-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_175-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_178-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_207-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_278-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_285-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_288-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_294-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_355-web 2014-09-13-Carnaval_447-web

Enjoy first of our photos from many more to come!



Down Syndrom kid rocked his Photoshoot!


Once in a while, just because I want, I look through my fans and I offer a family photoshoot. I can’t say I have a pattern of who I offer what… is usually someone who really need it and for some reason or other, they don’t hire a photographer to do it… Many of my clients are shy in front of the camera, many of them think are not good looking enough to have their photos taken… I said it before, my photos are not about how perfect you look… my photos are always about how happy you are and how much you love life. This is what I capture… your essence and your spirit, your happiness and your emotions.. and this, this beat any perfect body or face.

This chapter of my work I call Charity, the part where I feel good about myself for doing it, probably, the most emotional part of my job.

I know Dalia from a while, a belizean woman with a lot of strength. I appreciate people who have a though life, but they never complain and they always try to see the good… So… I followed quietly on her page.. and I saw how much she loves her kids. So, I offer her a gift, my work. I know her eyes double in size when she saw my message and her heart start to race… I just know it. Here is what she told me “I am trying to tell u how special I feel…u know Elijah has down syndrome an an open heart surgery and  I don’t know how long God will leave him with me… these pics are really special…He is a gift. And I love my son and I wouldn’t change him. He’s my Angel… I like to think like this God said this one with sparkling blue eyes is for oli this cutie with down syndrome is for Dalia. :)” After I read this, I knew I did the right choice… and we start planning our shoot. My time is limited,  but I really wanted to do it so, Sept 10th, when Belize have a national holiday, I contacted her the evening before and scheduled the next day shoot…something simple, right next door to my house… 10 minutes after we start, rain start… and did not stopped.. I saw the dissapointed in her eyes and I told her “don’t worry.. we’ll do the most of it”. She had an awesome umbrella, we run from one side to other, put the umbrella down and kids on the flag and just have fun. I expected a hard photoshoot… with a kid who will totally ignored me but he… really liked me. I sang to him twinkle twinkle little stars and he paid big time attention… And every time I finished the game he was giving me my reward a big wide laugh and a very happy face…. and then is when I snapped those beautiful photos. Everyone was happy! His sister is amazing… she is only 6, but she NEVER complained of rain or mosquitoes (yes, is rainy season right now and mosquitoes are really bad on our island)… and they all have beautiful portraits. Enjoy!


Down Syndrom: It doesn’t mean I’m down. It means I help people who are feeling down. My smiles are contagious. My laugh is medicine for the heart. My hugs are heavenly. My heart itself is pure gold.


He always tried to blow me kisses!


Family: We might not have it all together, but together we have it all.


His mom fav. quote :)


Beautiful Dalia with her beautiful kids!


Simply, brother & sister with an unbreakable bond


Thank you, aunt! You were a huge help!!!


Nobody really cared that was really raining.


Out of difficulties grow miracles.


Let the smile be your umbrella on a rainy day.


God is working all things together for your good. He has a master plan for your life.


“Whoever loves his brother, lives in the light” Bible , John 2:10


Sometimes, being a sister is better than being a princess.


Yes, this month he will be 3 years old! Wish you many more to come!


2014-09-10_Fam-Flag_109-bw-web 2014-09-10_Fam-Flag_121-bw-web 2014-09-10_Fam-Flag_066-web